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Inter-Communal Development

ICD-founderI was introduced to the idea of human beings and human rights at young age, when I was forced to leave Iran to take refuge in the UK.

My story was similar to thousands of young educated Iranian boys and girls who would be persecuted if did not submit to Khomeini’s religious fascism rule. Our crime was; excising our minds with new ideas and willing to challenge theirs!

In my challenging new life adapting to university life in Britain, I met JAVID. After classes, long hours deep into the dark, sometimes up until early next morning, we read books, poetry and exchanged ideas dreaming about a day we could go back home. Visualizing the day that we would freely walk among our people to share what we had learned by living in a peaceful society.

As we grew, one day, JAVID passionately told me, “learning and understanding the world is not enough” to my surprise he added, “We have to do something. We have to put our knowledge into action to change the something”.

I did not exactly understand. Today after years I realize that, I did not want to understand. It was a very dangerous idea!

JAVID’s rediscovery of this old knowledge, we learned later, is the very essence of any change in our world.

JAVID, in his long journey in pursuit of putting ideas to change the world was brutally murdered.

However, the wave he created in the ocean of humanity and his legend moves on among hundreds of thousands of Iranians across the globe.


In Intern-Communal Development we keep ideas for change sacred. We need your financial help to continue.

The ICD has been formed by individuals devoted to democratic and human rights values. It plans to create a coalition of groups and individuals to promote democracy and to raise public awareness about human rights situation in various countries.

The main concern of the ICD is countries in the Middle East, especially Iran.

It shall take actions to highlight threats to democratic process and identify the source.

It will also take actions to safeguard activists working to promote democracy within the framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international conventions.

In its endeavors, the ICD organizes events in various countries to facilitate exchanges of views  and experiences.