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About the residents of Camp Liberty

The 3,300 Iranian dissidents currently residing in Camp Liberty are part of the main democratic opposition and symbolize the Iranian people’s yearning for freedom.

Over the past two years, dozens of them have been brutally massacred by assailing Iraqi forces at the behest of the Iranian regime and it is feared that another massacre at Camp Liberty may be in the works. Continue reading About the residents of Camp Liberty


Iran’s Voice for Liberty Satellite TV and Radio – Simay-e Azadi (

The Iranian people have, for the past three decades, endured unspeakable torture, massacres, imprisonment, and economic disasters, all of which have been brought about by the ruling tyrannical regime. Young Iranians have risen up time and again to demand regime change, but were brutally suppressed each time by the regime’s forces on the streets and in the prisons of Tehran and other cities. They have not given up. They anonymously and secretively communicate to us, supporters outside the country, that they are vigilant and ready to act as soon as the next opportunity ascends to show their desire for change. Continue reading Iran’s Voice for Liberty Satellite TV and Radio – Simay-e Azadi (

Camp Liberty PMOI UN Refugees

Refugee Resettlement

Resettlement in another country is often the only way political refugees have a chance to rebuild their lives.  Every year, thousands of Iranians escape the wrath of the dictatorial regime in Iran. The flow of political refugees from Iran spiked in mid 80’s and again after the June 2009 popular uprising in Iran. Escaping medieval oppression, these political refugees, mostly students and mostly women, routinely depart Iran without adequate documentation, financial resources, or shelter.  Continue reading Refugee Resettlement


Iranian People’s Struggle for Liberty, Democracy, Women’s Rights

There remains no doubt that the government of Iran supports international terrorism and is flouting its international obligations with regards to respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms, rising executions – aptly displayed by the violent crackdown of peaceful, anti-government demonstrations in 2009. The Iranian government has also disregarded multiple United Nations Security Council Resolutions and seeks a nuclear weapon. Continue reading Iranian People’s Struggle for Liberty, Democracy, Women’s Rights