Iran’s Voice for Liberty Satellite TV and Radio – Simay-e Azadi (

The Iranian people have, for the past three decades, endured unspeakable torture, massacres, imprisonment, and economic disasters, all of which have been brought about by the ruling tyrannical regime. Young Iranians have risen up time and again to demand regime change, but were brutally suppressed each time by the regime’s forces on the streets and in the prisons of Tehran and other cities. They have not given up. They anonymously and secretively communicate to us, supporters outside the country, that they are vigilant and ready to act as soon as the next opportunity ascends to show their desire for change.

The clerical regime’s abysmal human rights record has been strongly denounced over 55 times by various United Nations bodies. Not a day goes by in Iran without someone being executed, tortured, murdered or imprisoned for political reasons. Iran under the mullahs is the biggest executor of people per capita and the foremost executor of children. It is also the world’s biggest prison of journalists, according to human rights bodies. Through their vast censorship campaign, the Iranian rulers try their utmost to keep genuine information from getting out of and into Iran.

The tide of the mullahs’ destruction surpasses the boundaries of Iran. The regime’s nuclear program and its growing terrorist threats have targeted people all over the world. Terrorist attacks from Azerbaijan to Thailand to India and African countries have been linked to the regime’s terrorist entities. Meanwhile, Iranian regime proxies have left a trail of blood and destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, killing thousands of innocent civilians.

The courageous activists and the oppressed nation of Iran need to be heard. Information about them should not be dictated by a tyrannical system seeking to subjugate them for eternity. To this end, seminars, conferences and workshops will be organized and a wide range of publications will be utilized to get the message out.

Most tellingly, the Iranian regime shows profound animosity and trepidation towards the opposition satellite TV channel, Iranian National Television or “Simay-e Azadi” (

INTV broadcasts the message of hope and freedom for the Iranian people and also presents the Iranian people with accurate and extensive information not only about the regime’s misdeeds, but also about the support people in other parts of the world have voiced for the Iranian people.

INTV regularly reports on the extensive publications and international conferences that educate about democracy and let the Iranian people know that they are not alone in their struggle for democracy. They present the image of an alternative Iran, which is free, economically prosperous, at peace with its neighbors and non-nuclear. Many prominent lawmakers, human rights activists, religious leaders, and internationally known political and cultural personalities speak at these events held around the world.

This explains why the regime has considerably expanded its efforts to jam the signals of the popular satellite TV channel to prevent it from being watched in Iranian living rooms. In this light, it is critical that all of us join hands and do whatever necessary to keep the free flow of information in and out of Iran by enabling and assisting what has now emerged as the most objective and impartial source of news and information about Iran.

Thousands of reports and letters regularly received by Simay-e Azadi show that Iranians have embraced it as their most reliable source for information.  This campaign is an effort to continue to build on the previous successes of Simay-e Azadi and expand viewership within Iran as well as across the world.

The objective of the Simay-e Azadi project is to provide a truthful media outlet in order to foster a democratic Iran that respects the human rights of all.