About the residents of Camp Liberty

The 3,300 Iranian dissidents currently residing in Camp Liberty are part of the main democratic opposition and symbolize the Iranian people’s yearning for freedom.

Over the past two years, dozens of them have been brutally massacred by assailing Iraqi forces at the behest of the Iranian regime and it is feared that another massacre at Camp Liberty may be in the works.

The Iranian regime, facing deepening internal crises and broadening international isolation, is plotting to annihilate its opponents at Camp Liberty. Therefore, any further harm to these brave Iranians would dash hopes for a democratic and non-nuclear Iran that is free of the current tyranny.

Theses Iranian exiles gradually fled the brutal regime of Iran, which has killed over 120,000 opponents thus far, and took refuge in Iraq since mid-1980s. About a third of the residents are former political prisoners who endured unspeakable torture while incarcerated in the Iranian regime’s prisons.

Nearly 1,000 are women who have courageously defied the heart of the Iranian regime’s ideology: misogyny. And, many of the residents, educated in western institutions of higher education in Europe and America, joined the residents in their effort to free their homeland from the tyranny of a ruthless theocracy.

The residents of Camp Liberty represent the last best hope for a free, democratic, and non-nuclear Iran that is at peace with its neighbors and can guarantee economic stability and progress for its people. They need our help more than ever.